"SPEER-itual Moments"

By: Rev. Gary H. Speer

I said I was never going to play, and technically I still have not, but this craze sweeping the nation and beyond—well, I have two grandsons, ages 10 and 4, and guess what, there I was driving them around the neighborhood and beyond over the weekend…walking with them (which is part of the idea to get kids moving, along with parents and grandparents)—I said “Never” and yet there I was driving them around as they played Poke-mon Go.
You may have heard about it by now—or maybe you have not. I have heard and seen videos/pictures of one person getting bitten by a snake, two people falling off a bluff, one guy wrecking his car, and another running into a POLICE car, all while playing Poke-mon Go, and so I said “NEVER” and yet over the weekend I found myself more than once driving or walking while they played.  Got to church on Sunday, and guess what, we are a Poke-stop—our sign comes up when you drive by, and yes, my grandsons captured some more Poke-mon “balls” at our church.
Truth is I have taken Latin, Greek, Hebrew, I have a fairly good command of the English language; I have learned more technical language over the years than I ever imagined I would as it deals with computers and such, but here I am at age 63 trying to learn a whole new language—the language of Poke-mon Go—the terms, the phrases, the meanings of them all. I still have a lot to learn.
Maybe as things are in our world right now—this isn’t such a bad escape from it all.
Just be careful to watch out for snakes, and don’t fall off a cliff, and don’t hit a police car, and don’t wreck your own car, and then play and walk and capture these virtual creatures, and maybe somebody will come by the church in search of Poke-mons and instead find Jesus.
Oh yes, and never say “never.”

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