"SPEER-itual Moments"

By: Rev. Gary H. Speer

Everything was different this morning. School buses on the roads. Kids on their bikes headed to school. School speed limit zones. In our family, one headed to middle school (his first year) and another headed to pre-school on Tuesday. I think one mom that I know of cried. There were probably some others, too. A few nerves for that new middle-schooler. And I imagine for some others, too.
Everything was different this morning.
But how dull this life would be if there were not these moments of change and challenge.
This is true at any stage of our lives.
I think about some folks we have among us who are newly semi-retired or retired or looking toward that, sooner rather than later.

I think about folks among us who are having to go through the difficulty of illnesses and maybe a change in life circumstances…those times are not easy at all, but how do we face these moments with our perspective of faith?
I think about all the children and teachers today who are up early—new challenges and opportunities and fears and concerns and joys all rolled up into one day.
I think about the church, this church, THE church, trying to do our best in these times of change and challenge and cultural shifts.
I guess if it were always easy…if there were no challenges…if everything always fit neatly into place, life would be simpler but maybe not as fun and certainly not as interesting.
So I will see you this Sunday as we try our best to be church in these days and times, and this Sunday, I want to share a “thank you” with you all as we continue “looking toward a new season.”

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